Listening to your clients' needs is very important and I believe a good designer must have that skill. My job is to hear what they want for a space and then use my knowledge to achieve it. A great designer takes that one step further and creates a piece of artwork in which to live while providing for the functional needs of their client.

As an art major, I see a room as a blank canvas waiting to be completed. Sometimes it's about symmetry. Sometimes it's about color and scale. Most of the time it's about achieving balance even if no single piece is a perfect fit. When I finish a project, I want to walk away knowing that I have inspired my clients to see their cherished belongings in a fresh context. Design isn't about throwing out the old in favor of the new. It's about blending the two—about casting the old in the light of a new perspective. I want my clients to walk into their room and simply say, "isn't this comfortable?"

I get to know my clients. I enjoy understanding what they desire for a space. The most important thing I want them to know is that I love teaching about what I do. I explain my ideas and the way to accomplish them. I bring them into the process so that they become comfortable with their own decision making skills. It is also about inspiring trust. My clients trust me to give them a beautiful finished product. From the concept to the artwork on the walls. I want to leave knowing it was a good job and that I did my best.